Dr. C.S.Madhu MD, DMRT, DNB Dr.C.S.Madhu Senior Consultant and HOD Oncology
Papers Published / Presented
1. Prognosis factors in locally advanced Breast carcinoma - Dr. C.S. Madhu, Dr. Jayaprakash Madhavan, Dr. T.K. Padmanabhan and Dr. Krishnan Nair - Dr. T.K. Padmanabhan and Dr. M. Krishnan Nair, International Symposium on Breast Cancer, New Delhi January 1987.

2. Oral verrucous carcinomas - Treatment by radiotherapy - Dr. M. Krishnan Nair, Dr. T.K. Padmanabhan, Dr. Sankara Narayanan and Dr. C.S. Madhu. - "Cancer" 61;458-461, 1988

3. Expert Surrogate system - a new method of Clinical Research in Carcinoma Cervix. Dr. Suresh Chandra Dutt, Dr. Remani Wesley, Dr. Jayaprakash Madhavan, Dr. A Sudhakaran and Dr. C.S. Madhu - Published by European journal of Gynecological Oncology.

4. Pure Cystic Nephroblastoma of the Ovary with a Review of Extra renal Wilms tumor. Dr. Maria. A. Isaac MD, Dr. Susheelan Vijayalekshmi MD, Dr. Chiramughathu S. Madhu MD, Dr. Louisiana Bosincu MD and Dr. Francisco F. Nogales MD, Human Pathology, Vol.31, No.6 (June 2000); page 761-764

5. Renal Actinomycosis presenting as Pyrexia of Unknown Origin - Dr. P. Baburaj, Dr. Thomas Antony, Dr. C.S. Madhu and Dr. Harikrishnan - Kerala Medical Journal Issue 6, April 2009

6. Review article - Newer trends in Head and Neck Oncology - Poly dental journal, Vol.1, 1998

7. Case Report on Lapatinib in Oncologist Patient Case Forum, 2011